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Saturday, August 06, 2005

New eBook is Finished!

It's finally finished! Now you may or may not know that I have been closeted away for the past month researching and writing a book on diabetes and diet. I'm excited to tell you that the book is published and ready to read.

It's called: How To Play The Diabetes Game

I compiled this book, but it was really you who wrote it. Let me explain. I asked people about their most pressing question about diabetes and diet. I took those questions, researched answers and wrote the book. So take a look....I think you like it There is a link to the right of your screen.



  • I paid for this book online but I lost it and did not get to print it so I need to know how to get a copy. Can't find it on my computer anywhere...paid but no material

    By Blogger Janice, at 10:17 AM  

  • Hiya,

    Bought your book and found it very useful in having more supplements to experiment with. I am a little worried about the sugar substitute you praise as I had a "little problem" with sorbitol (though after eating a whole bag of candy before reading the warning label) and notice it also has a "tol" in it...lol. I am a Type 2 Diabetic and used to take 2 pills and 20 r and 40 MPH 2x a day and they were even talking on putting me on more medicine before I lost my medical and had to research "alternative methods" that I have found a lot of in your book. I not only lost 80 pounds but I am now diet controlled and damage to my nerves and blood pools and bleeding in my eyes actually did reverse which baffled the doctors. My only real Gripe in the information is 1) Cells use human glucose made from using human fat to convert eaten fat and protein into Human glucose first, and only consumes eaten sugar if there isn't enough Human glucose to keep the blood level at about 80mgl, 2) Insulin uses body resources to store excess sugar in the blood as fat (which is why insulin users gain weight) so eating too much sugar causes a strain on body resources cause insulin is made of protein,fat,chromium,magnesium,and other minerals that also make up cells in the organs and bones, 3)Human body doesn't "burn calories" as it is a chemical engine not a "heat engine" and it does make it's own sugar via glucomosys (from eaten fat and eaten protein being converted to human sugar) and also uses protein and fat to make new cells and repair broken down ones, 4) A low fat,low protein high Carb Diet is how I got up to 2 pills and 20r and 40mph 2x a day...by taking total carbohydrates in serving of food and divide by 5g that is how much sugar in teaspoons you are eating and the body only needs to maintain about 1 teaspoon which it does via glucomosys so unless I am running a Marathon I try to keep the eaten sugar down to a minimum...and I threw out the Food Pyramids and "Diabetic Recipes" a long time ago and just concentrate on trying to eat a equal amount of fat and protein (in grams) with vegetables as a good filler, and 5)Exercise doesn't "burn calories" either as the Human body is a Chemical Engine and making your muscles work harder then normal makes them consume more glucose which can lower blood sugar in addition to make the muscles in question need more sustanance...but..it also means the damage done to the muscle must be repaired and material is needed to make more muscle and cells are made of protein and fat water and minerals (not wood and water like vegetables or Sugar or sugar substitutes) so making sure you eat enough proteins and fat so your body doesn't cannibalized itself via breaking down older cells for protein fat and minerals to divide among new cells which weakens the cell structure and makes them vulnerable to disease and parasite attacks is also important.(Human Fat is stored energy not a store of protein,"building block" fat, and minerals so body will "recycle" it from existing cells and even the bones if not enough "building block" fat,protein and minerals are eaten to cause proper repair and build new cells)

    By Blogger fm_alverio, at 2:11 AM  

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